Energy renovation of buildings with funds from ESI Funds

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Out of EUR 311 million, which is the amount designated under the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 for energy renovation of public and residential buildings, through the European Regional Development Fund, 90% of funds have been allocated to date. Currently, almost 1,300 hospitals, schools, kindergartens and multi-apartment buildings are being renovated in Croatia, and the renovation includes 16,000 households and 70,000 pupils and children.

Since 2015, the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning as Intermediate Body Level 1 has announced a total of four Calls for energy renovation of buildings under which eligible applicants were institutions performing educational activities, and one Call for energy renovation of multi-apartment buildings.

By the beginning of September 2019, a total of 486 Agreements on the award of grants for energy renovation of buildings of kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools and faculties were signed (which includes 321 agreements under the calls Pilot project 4c1.1., Pilot project 4c1.2. and Call 4c1.3. and 165 agreements under call 4c1.4).  The total project value exceeds HRK 1.9 billion, and the total amount of grants from the European Regional Development Fund exceeds HRK 883 million.

Continuous education of potential applicants, which is imperative to the Ministry since the launching of the first calls in 2015 most certainly contributes to an excellent response of potential applicants to the Ministry’s calls. To date, as many as 91 informative and implementation workshops have been held, with the participation of almost 2600 potential applicants and beneficiaries of projects of energy renovation of public sector and multi-apartment buildings.

To remind, the Ministry’s latest call for energy renovation and use of renewable energy sources in public sector buildings was launched in late 2017 and was open for submission of applications from the beginning of 2018. A total of 758 applications was received under the call (447 applications in the first round by 5 February 2018, and 311 applications in the second round by 5 September 2018), with a total amount of grants applied for amounting to almost HRK 1.56 billion. 550 Financing decisions were passed with a total value of projects exceeding HRK 2.32 billion, and with the grant amount exceeding HRK 1.14 billion. All the 550 Agreements were signed.

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